The Collective Society

Halifax County

Enfield, Hobgood, Littleton, Roanoke Rapids, Scotland Neck and Weldon

131 Whitfield Street, Enfield, NC 27823

A Social Society Association

The Collective Society is an association of like-minded professionals, leaders, talented, skilled and other select individuals whose purpose is to socialize, promote and advance the ideals of the Society. Create harmony, serve as an advocate and voice for prosperity, fairness and education.

The Society is a membership association whose members must be in good standing and pledge to conduct themselves in a professional manner and uphold the principles (to be defined) of the Club at all times.


Through the Collective Social, we will host social and professional gatherings, developmental education opportunities and build a legacy of honorable deeds.


Advocate for the betterment of prosperity, justice and education.

The Society shall be headquartered in Enfield, NC.  With initial 

Chapters and initial membership the following Halifax County North Carolina townships and communities: 


Join the Society and do your part to help our communities prosper


Mission and Halifax County Towns